... feel good on the inside ... look younger on the outside.

Clients with a presenting health condition will usually require a course of treatments. Treatments work on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of a client's health and, in the same way as conventional medical treatment plans, the effects are usually cumulative. Clients usually see a change in their symptom pattern after 4-6 treatments then regular maintenance treatments are recommended once the symptom pattern improves. For the additional anti-ageing benefits, a course of Zone Face Lift treatments is recommended. Clients are given 'homework' massage moves to enhance the effects of the treatments. 

sculpting the face with gua sha

sculpting the face with gua sha

The Zone Face Lift helps you relax, improves mood, aids sleep and also helps relieve tension in the face by re-programming the muscles, helps you to look healthier and more radiant and improves a sense of well-being. It helps you feel good on the inside and look younger on the outside. An ideal treatment to help maintain younger-looking and healthy skin from aged 30 onwards when collagen production begins to slow down

Reflexology for fertility or during pregnancy can be especially beneficial in helping the body to deeply relax and so allowing the body to return to its normal state of balance. Pregnant clients usually report a reduction in such symptoms as anxiety, aches and pains, acid reflux, backache and swollen feet and ankles and generally have more energy. When the mother-to-be is calm and feels safe and taken care of, her body is more likely to produce the hormones necessary for labour to start without medical intervention. Special techniques are used to encourage labour. Regular treatments are recommended from week 13 onwards. 

Reflexology may benefit the following conditions:

Pregnant clients are advised to have foot reflexology if they are unable to lie flat.

*Reflexology is not a therapy used to diagnose illness. It is not a substitute for medical treatment and does not cure but aims to facilitate healing within the body.