... reveal the softer, truer, happier ‘you’ underneath.

I believe our faces reflect what is going on inside us on a physical and an emotional level and signs of tension can represent internal stresses. The beautifying techniques of the Zone Face Lift are not only about beauty, they are a way to release emotions held in the face and peel off the layers of stress and tension to reveal the softer, truer, happier 'you' underneath where your true beauty resides. For my treatments I use healing visualisations, reiki energy and a hypnotic, flowing movement to deeply relax you and leave you feeling blissed out. 

I became interested in reflexology after being recommended the treatment for a digestive condition. After seeing the benefits to my own health and well-being, I trained in reflexology in 2010 with a new purpose - to help others with this wonderful therapy. Discovering the Zone Face Lift™ and Bergman Method Facial Reflexology has been both a personal and professional revolution for me. I am now able to address both my wellbeing and beauty needs in one genius treatment and my clients love it!

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I am passionate about natural health and beauty and I offer holistic lifestyle advice to clients to enable them to reach their full health and radiant potential! I trained with Ziggie Bergman, the UK's leading Facial Reflexologist and creator of the Zone Face Lift and the Bergman Method. I feel that these methods have taken the effects of my treatments to a new level due to the proximity of the face to the brain and cranial nerves giving more powerful and faster results and its wonderful effects on lifting the face and softening the facial features. My bespoke treatments aim to address your individual health concerns and any stresses affecting the inside as well as helping you look good on the outside.

Emma is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Post-diploma qualifications

  • Zone Face Lift™ Certification
  • Advanced Facial Reflexology I & II
  • Advanced Face-lift Massage
  • Facial Rollers and Facial Gua Sha
  • Preconception & * Maternity Reflexology
  • Advanced Hand Reflexology
  • Spinal Reflexology
  • Power Reflexology 
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology for those living with cancer

*Pregnant clients are advised to have foot reflexology if they are unable to lie flat. Gua sha and acupressure tools are not suitable for pregnant clients.