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The Zone Face Lift™ has been receiving fantastic press reviews since its launch in London in early 2015. The treatment is fast-becoming renowned for its dramatic and long-lasting face-lift results and includes a combination of Bergman Method Facial Reflexology techniques, Advanced face-lift massage, Quartz Crystal healing, Indian Head Massage and Metamorphic healing technique. Jade Gua Sha facial tools and Acupressure and Jade Facial Rollers are used to achieve speedier face-lift effects. It is one of the top treatments at award-winning Grace Women’s Spa in Belgravia.

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“You have restored me to my former glory. Thank you, Emma!” E.A., London

”I had the pleasure of receiving Emma’s Zone Face Lift treatment, which was pure bliss! I loved the whole thing, and was particularly interested in the feedback Emma gave me regarding my health at the end of the session. The reflexology aspect is instructive in terms of highlighting issues your body might be dealing with (in my case, the liver), as well as providing healing support. I left feeling very relaxed and grounded; and, after a few days have passed, I have to say that my skin looks and feels fantastic. I’m totally impressed, and have booked in for 6 more sessions.”
Jane Perry, Actress & Voice artist, London

“Thank you Emma for my beautifully relaxing and rejuvenating reflexology facials. I would recommend your treatments that are full of light and healing energy to anyone.” H.P., London

“Beautiful treatment. Emma has magic hands. She was made to do this. Highly recommended!” R.B., London


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