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Lift your face and spirit for life with this unique Zone Face Lift™ treatment which includes * Facial Gua Sha and Facial Rollers to smooth out fine lines and achieve a wonderful plumped up, healthy glow. Perfect for that special day or evening event.  £70 

Special Offers:  6 for the price of 5


Take up to 10 years off your face and lift your spirit for life! 12 Zone Face Lift™ sessions to sculpt, smooth, tighten and lift the face with this transformational beauty and wellness treatment. Look and feel better, younger and get a healthy, radiant glow. Includes * Facial Gua Sha and Facial Rollers.

12 sessions:  £735 / £997

**90-minute treatments also include foot reflexology

12 sessions to be used within 4 months to get the full benefits. Free facial tool included.


Rebalance: 60 mins

Rebalance your body and stimulate its natural healing processes with this Bergman Method Facial Reflexology wellness treatment. Can include Advanced Face Lift Massage. £65

Special Offer: 6 for the price of 5

Relax & Revive: 60 mins 

Relax and Revive with this Foot Reflexology treatment which aims to restore balance and help you de-stress.  £55

Special Offer: 6 for the price of 5


pregnancy bliss: 60 mins

A deeply relaxing Foot Reflexology treatment to support your body through the trimesters, suitable from 13 weeks. From 38 weeks, special techniques are used to help prepare the body for birthing baby.  £55


Total Bliss: 90 mins

Drift into Total Bliss with this calming, deeply relaxing and restorative treatment combining the wonderful benefits of the Zone Face Lift™ and Foot Reflexology. Rejuvenation and relaxation from top to toe.  £95

Special Offer: 6 for the price of 5

4-handed reflexology: 60 Mins

An absolutely luxurious treatment of both Bergman Method Facial Reflexology with Advanced Face Lift Massage and Foot Reflexology with two therapists for a powerful wellbeing and beauty boost. £150 (available in London only)


Gua Sha is used to sculpt the face and jawline and reduce puffiness.

Gua Sha is used to sculpt the face and jawline and reduce puffiness.

* Facial Gua Sha is an ancient anti-ageing technique using a jade tool to massage, smooth and scrape the skin to release muscle tension and stagnation. Gua Sha helps to decongest the skin, encourage lymph drainage, clear sinus congestion, prevent acne and puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. It irons out fine lines, reduces a double chin, sculpts the jawline and activates the production of elastin and collagen making the skin plumper. 

Clients must complete a health questionnaire at their first treatment. The Zone Face Lift is not suitable for pregnant clients. 
Please note that the clinic operates a 24-hour cancellation policy. We reserve the right to charge full price for missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24-hours notice.